I’m seated in his bedroom with the window behind me. Natural light flows in , fresh air too. It’s a bright beautiful morning. Unlike the night we’d just had. A dark night full of lust and uninhibited desires. His desire to dominate over me, make me his. Watch me submit to his every whim and demand. The fresh air is necessary, I could smell the sweat and a lot of other scents on me. I feel the breeze go over my neck and immediately goosebumps cover my skin. Not that it was cold… No. The memory of his lips on my neck, his fingers lightly trailing their way from my nape to the small of my back. My lips curl mischievously as I watch him standing in front of me. He’s changing, we have a long day ahead of us. My fingers twitch at about the same rate my ass smarts. He’d spanked me, and I had loved it. It had come as a surprise to me. See, I don’t even have a single submissive bone in me. I’m the epitome of an extreme feminist. You know, the kind that looks down on men? That believe the male species are just a means to an end, basically sperm donors? That’s me!! But last night… He brought out a different side of me. Hell, he’d shown me a whole new side to him. He liked to be in control, inflict pain and humiliate me. He didn’t let me touch him the whole night. I touched my wrists. They were tender. He had tied me up to the bed posts with one of his neck ties. Just when I thought I would see what he had planned for me, he put the softest scarf around my eyes tying it tightly at the back of my head. But not too tight. I remember thinking, “there goes my eyesight”. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel him smile. A stupid grin he’d had plastered on his face all night. He enjoyed it. Watching me writhe in both pain and pleasure. Opening up to him like a budding flower. Yielding to his touch. Succumbing to his will. He loved having me like that. I knew it cause I felt it in his every movement, his vigour.

He had removed his shirt, about to put on a sweater. But I had different plans for him…
“Don’t bother”, I said as I stepped forward and quickly pinned his arms, that were entangled in his lavender-scented sweater, above his head.
“Let’s see what else I can get out of you…”
At this point, his head is covered by the sweater. Call it a makeshift blindfold.
“What are you trying to do?”
“Sshhhh…” I whispered.
“You’re really close to my face huh?”
“I think it’s your turn to find out how the other shoe fits. It’s only fair right?”
We are both tense. Him, full of anticipation and fear of the unknown; me, not sure of his reaction. I gather my guts and hope he doesn’t kick me out. The grin he had on his face is now gone. His face is stern and his jaws taut. I try to put him at ease by placing a gentle kiss on his lips. It works. His mouth opens up to me as his muscles relax. I deepen the kiss letting my tongue roam free in his mouth, tasting him, stroking, almost as if I’m searching. Normally he’d reach around my back and pull me closer. Today isn’t a normal day though. I see his biceps bulge as he tries to get free of his shirt while struggling to keep up with the act. I love that he is so conflicted. I’m forcing him to go against his very nature. The fact that he’s playing along, gives me the confidence I need to proceed.
I take a step back leaving his lips which he purses automatically. Those lips… The things he can do with them, things he did to me… I take in a deep breath and just as I’m about to release it, a thought comes to mind. Bending slightly, I blow across and down his chest stopping just above his waist band. Quietly I walk around him, observing him. It’s his turn to get the goosebumps. I’m tempted to lick them, feel the tiny bumps on my tongue but I restrain myself. “All in due time” I think to myself. I could see how uneasy he was. He was getting tired but there was nothing he could do about it. He’d lost control. Had no idea what would happen next. He hates it yet it excites him. The bulge in his pants provided evidence beyond all reasonable doubt.
I pull roughly at the waistband of his sweatpants. “It’s getting a little cramped in here, huh?? Let’s get rid of these, shall we…”
I loved the look on his face. The disbelief, the humiliation, the submission. He knew nothing of the plans I had for him. Plans to completely turn him around…

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