Private Memoir

Why would you text me that in the middle of the night. You know fucking well that I haven’t gotten over you. I still miss you, your touch and everything attached to you. My eyes are stuck on your text. Are you really stroking your cock as you think about me? Or this is just … Continue reading Private Memoir


“A game? What kind?” “A staring contest with a twist. Let’s call it ‘Primal’. Whoever looks away must do what the other says. Kinda like truth or dare; only this time it is dare or dare…” I knew she was shy. She’d never look me in the eye whenever we talked. I was counting on … Continue reading Primal…

Vanilla test

Hey you… Hey, what are you doing up so late? Just thinking Thinking about you. I can’t get you out of my mind Is that so? The other day at the office party… What did you mean by you fancy ropes? Lol…so that’s what is eating you up? Not really, I am just curious Curiosity … Continue reading Vanilla test

Fantasies of a sub

Well, more like aspects that make me wet almost immediately. This might be a little unnecessary, thanks to my already-extensive kink list but I’m a sucker for excessive detail. This is a sleepy, pre-nap post, and my cunt is aching so I can barely think straight. Hopefully this will give me sweet dreams. Cum. Gagging … Continue reading Fantasies of a sub