“A game? What kind?”
“A staring contest with a twist. Let’s call it ‘Primal’. Whoever looks away must do what the other says.
Kinda like truth or dare; only this time it is dare or dare…”
I knew she was shy. She’d never look me in the eye whenever we talked. I was counting on this simple fact. My concern was, she might not consent to my suggestion. We were seated in a quiet clearing in the woods on a Saturday evening. Normally, we would be with a group of friends but it was summer break and most of them were not in town.
“That’s it? Doesn’t sound fun at all…” Alex said playfully pouting her lips and folding her arms. This made her breasts heave. She didn’t know who or what she was playing with.
“Alright. Let’s raise the stakes. Whoever wins three times in a row gets to be in control of the other person for today. Challenging enough?”
Only after she agreed did the game begin. I looked into her almond shaped eyes and she immediately shut them.
‘This is going to be so easy’, I thought.
“You are making this too easy, again…”
Once more, I looked into her eyes. They were green. I think some people call it hazel. She had long luscious eyelashes and was wearing mascara. I wondered if her make up would still be intact once I’m done with her. Suddenly I was looking at her ear. She had looked away. Her face turning all shades of crimson. Seemed like she had seen my thoughts. I couldn’t help but smile.
“Two… What color is your underwear? Again!”
Her eyes became wider as the reality of what was about to happen dawned on her. She was looking straight into my eyes but I really doubt she was seeing me. Her determination not to lose increasing, her eyes regained their focus. I noticed her biting her lower lip as if it would increase her concentration. Instinctively I licked mine… She lost it.
“You did that intentionally!” she shouted closing her eyes. Now, even her ears we red.
“No, I didn’t.” I said matter-of-factly. “And you lose. So, stand up!”
I caught a glimpse down her cleavage as she got to her knees from the meditation position she was seated in.
“Actually, just stop right there. Take off your top”. I wasn’t beating around the bush. I had no intention to.
Alex looked at me hesitantly. She was sitting on her legs with her palms flat on her thighs which pushed her tits together enhancing her already enticing bosom. She was biting her lower lip again. If she was trying to change my mind, she was failing terribly. The bulge in my pants only grew to the point that I couldn’t sit anymore. I was starting to think she had lost the final round intentionally. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as I thought. I stood up just as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She spotted my erection and her mouth fell open in a very inviting manner.

I quickly unzipped my pants giving my dick some much needed space and air. Looking behind Alex, I spotted a tree with vines running all around it. A fantasy came to mind and removing my pants, I walked towards it.
“On your hands and knees, follow me”
I tested the strength of the vines and chose the softest yet strongest. I turned around to find Alex crawling behind me. She was so obedient.
“Cade, what do you want to do to me? Please, don’t beat me…”
“Relax Alex. I won’t be flogging you. At least not today.” I answered grinning.
I stood directly in front of her with my penis sticking out rudely in her face. She swallowed hard and I just wanted to be in her mouth, down her throat.
She did, and I pushed my dick forwards groaning as her warm mouth engulfed me. I reached for the back of her head and impaled her on my meat. Her mouth was wet and slippery. I imagined her pussy would be even better. With just that thought I grew in her mouth. I felt her tongue work its way up and
down my length then tickle the base of my crown. It was more than I could handle. I took a step back exiting her mouth.
“Still on your knees, hug the tree.”
Without hesitation she crawled towards the tree and put her arms around it. I walked around and tied her wrists together on the other side of the tree. There was space between her arms and the bark. I moved her hands to the bottom of the trunk pushing her upper body lower than it was before. That only made her butt stick out.
“You have a nice ass,” I said once I got behind her. Wasting no time, I aligned my dick with her hole which was now wet. In a deft stroke, I was deep inside her. She moaned gutturally as she pushed back into me. Grabbing her ponytail with one hand while the other was on her hip, I started slamming into her as if my life depended on it. I was drawing strength from my animalistic nature… I wanted… No,
I needed… I needed…

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