Hey you…

Hey, what are you doing up so late?

Just thinking

Thinking about you. I can’t get you out of my mind

Is that so?

The other day at the office party…

What did you mean by you fancy ropes?

Lol…so that’s what is eating you up?

Not really, I am just curious

Curiosity will get you tied up

You gotta be here to do that 😉

What are you wearing?

Invisible t-shirt

I am not afraid of you

You probably should…

Do you have a death wish?

Maybe I don’t like to be punished. Do you?

What do you think?

I think I’ll need two cuffs to handle you

Fuck! Why do you own cuffs? And why 2???

Cum find out

Lol…you misspelled come. Or did you? 😉

How would you punish me?

Since you are new to this, I’ll go easy

Let’s say twenty spankings

Are you serious, spankings? What am I, five?

What matters is how I would do it. I would sprawl you across my lap, yank your panties down and with a quick firm hand smack your ass. You would count as I bring my hand down again, probably bit your lip till all 20 are done. Then I would pull your panties up as your ass stings

Well, I am not wearing any panties

Spankings turn me on…

That’s just a mild punishment

There’s more?

I would kiss you once, just to taste you lips then make sure you are laying flat on the bed…I would run my wrist over your breast as I slowly move toward your pussy but would stop just at the top of your clit. The cuffs would come in handy now…

No, let’s go with ropes, not cuffs. Well spread on the bed, I would fasten you on all the four poles of your bed. Tight enough that you could not move freely…

That’s really tight

I would kiss your neck as you gasp. I would lick your neck…go on till you shiver. I would suck your neck till you squirm with squeaks of need. I would grab your nipple and twist, hold for a second then pinch even harder. I would run my hand to your pussy and slip over just to check how wet you are. This would kill you with anticipation.

Please stop…

I would begin rubbing your pussy. You would squirm but I would ignore your moans. I would stop every time you start breathing heavily. I would not let you orgasm.

But why?

I am so wet… I can feel it dripping on my thighs

I would then eat you out…flicker my tongue on your clit, varying the speed and pressure. I would suck you dry, stick my tongue in you and lick all the juices dripping from your pussy…but I won’t let you cum, not yet… I would then…

Then what??


What would you do next?


I am so wet right now, c’mon

What would you do?

Have an amazing night 😉

Fuck you!

Coming to your place now!!!!!


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