AssUMe Position

“I’ll be seeing you today at 1900hrs. Wear that red dress that hugs your ass… the one I bought you" She showed up at my door at exactly 1900hrs. She was never late to our appointments. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun with wayward tendrils falling gracefully around her face and nape. … Continue reading AssUMe Position


“A game? What kind?” “A staring contest with a twist. Let’s call it ‘Primal’. Whoever looks away must do what the other says. Kinda like truth or dare; only this time it is dare or dare…” I knew she was shy. She’d never look me in the eye whenever we talked. I was counting on … Continue reading Primal…


She was gorgeous. The lecturer at the front of the class. From the back I watched her intently. How her hips swayed when she paced back and forth. I'd like to grab those hips… Her beautifully sculptured ass when she wrote on the board. …Turn her around . Put her over her desk… Her hands … Continue reading Mine

Turn Tables

I'm seated in his bedroom with the window behind me. Natural light flows in , fresh air too. It's a bright beautiful morning. Unlike the night we'd just had. A dark night full of lust and uninhibited desires. His desire to dominate over me, make me his. Watch me submit to his every whim and … Continue reading Turn Tables