She was gorgeous.

The lecturer at the front of the class. From the back I watched her intently. How her hips swayed when she paced back and forth.

I’d like to grab those hips…

Her beautifully sculptured ass when she wrote on the board.

…Turn her around . Put her over her desk…

Her hands which she constantly used to emphasize her point

…Bind her hands at her back…

Her mouth when she spoke. So full and perfect especially when she made an ‘O’ sound

… I can already see her moaning when I fill her up…

How she commanded the room. Everyone was quiet, listening. One could easily tell that her students looked up to her. Admired her. Respected her.

… in front of everyone here…

“Alright, that’s the end of our class today. See you next week. Don’t forget, the finals are coming soon”
The movement of the students drew me from my reverie. When everyone but her had left, I walked up to the front.
“I see you’re already packing up a tent, Sir”
She smiled sensually.
“The finals will not be the only thing coming soon,” I stated dryly as I helped her pack her belongings.
I was in a rush. Every time she saw me in her class, she knew that her entire body would be sore the next day. Good thing it was a Friday. I loved watching her in class. How she took charge.
A reminder that she submits only to me.
I was excited and so was she. Her breath now came in short gasps

“Let’s go, I have new toys I want us to play with”

“Yes, Sir…”

With just that, she followed me

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